For us, innovating does not only mean choosing the best technology on the market, but above all, developing the skills of our employees and their soft skills to make them leading in innovation processes: technology is a living tool that works only if illuminated by the intelligence of man.

For us, innovating means constantly investing in systems and technologies that improve the organization and innovate business processes, and investing in the career and human growth of our employees.


Sestante, our system
for digital logistics

We have implemented a proprietary management platform, the Sestante, which has allowed us to achieve significant goals in digitization and efficiency of the organizational system. Over 80% of the company’s processes have already been digitized, and the commitment to dematerialization continues regularly with ongoing investments in
cutting-edge technologies.

Our platform guarantees


a tracking and tracing system for monitoring supply chain operations, for an increasingly on time, efficient and controlled service;


an advanced system that, thanks to the use of ERP logics, interfaces with all other types of management software (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics), allowing to optimize the flow of information between customer, supplier and Stante Logistics;


a dynamic monitoring of the warehouse, which optimizes logistics processes with the use of tools (Poka Yoke) that reduce the margins of error to zero and optimize the supply and distribution chain.

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